Terms of Service

Shawna has met some amazing, kind and supportive people during her career. She has also had the displeasure of meeting certain people that are all kinds of crazy. In order to try and shield all of us from the insanity out there, we’ve created this Terms of Service that applies to this entire website of ShawnaVercher.com, including the main website, the attachments, the links and the files that are used within the site (images, audio, video, etc.) which all cool kids and this document will refer to as “the Site” or “this Site” from now on. “We” or “us” or “our” are not uses of the royal we, but we are referring to Shawna Vercher, any of the officers of companies and organizations that she has a holding or interest in, her manager and management company, her family, her pets and anyone else that may be considered to be directly associated with her.

“We” or “us” or “our” are not uses of the royal we, but we are referring to Shawna Vercher, any of the officers of companies and organizations that she has a holding or interest in, her manager and management company, her family, her pets and anyone else that may be considered to be directly associated with her.

If you are reading the Site ­ even if you have not read this fascinating Terms of Service document (the “Terms”) ­ then you are by nature agreeing to the terms of service that are here. It turns out that this is all perfectly legal. Right now we could say that you have to name your first born Shawna (or Shawn if it’s a boy…she’s not unreasonable after all) and even if you don’t agree, we could drag you to court. We may or may not win, but your lawyers could add a pool to their house by the time it’s all done thanks to you so what does it matter? Gotta love that legal system! The point is that these Terms of Service are binding by the nature of you being on this website. 

And, no, they don’t actually include naming rights to your offspring.

Following is a set of rules that we’ve come up with that, quite frankly, we find ridiculous. Most people with common sense already know this stuff and would never even think to make a big deal out of any of it, but alas this has to be written in such a way that even the most greedy scumbags out there can’t harass us because they visited this Site. Feel free to study this document, print it out, frame it or whatever moves you but understand that it might change every once in a while (since people are always coming up with new ways to act stupid) and we won’t notify you when it changes. You just have to check back or set up a calling tree with your friends or whatever since the most recent version will supersede the previous versions.

If you use a password or an account of some sort on the Site ­like connecting with Facebook for example ­ then it’s your responsibility to keep up with that password and keep it secure. We do not have access to outside vendor passwords and we are not responsible if your account gets hacked. Contrary to rumor, we are not Wikileaks ­level programmers and we do not possess the ability nor the desire to hack into your accounts and we can’t protect all of your passwords for you. Capisce?

The content on this Site was created or assembled by us, but there’s some things we should clarify. First, if we link to another website, we are not responsible or liable for the content of that website. Since, you know, we didn’t create it. So if that website says that your mom smells, that’s not us saying that your mom smells so you can’t get mad at us or blame us for anything on that website since it is external to this Site. Also, just because we mention or endorse one article or comment or page of a particular external site, it does NOT mean that we endorse the rest of what that site has to say.

Along those lines, the content that we did create contains a lot of opinions and some of them are strong ones. Items that are intended to be statements of fact are sourced, which means that we either include some sort of document or image or something to provide credibility or we link to something that shows that we know what we’re talking about. Any item that is not sourced should be considered opinion and is therefore not eligible to be attacked or prosecuted as libelous, slanderous or misleading. Don’t get us wrong ­ we never intend to do any of those things but, again, some people are idiots.

Even if we don’t word things in a manner that you think is crystal clear, we are stating it now in no uncertain terms ­ the content on this website is opinion of the person or persons that wrote it and should not be taken as fact unless otherwise sourced or noted.

Let’s see…what else…

Oh, okay, so the stuff that we do write, create, post, share and distribute here on the Site is ours or we have permission to share it. We don’t have a problem with you re­posting or sharing it (And why wouldn’t you?? This stuff is genius!), but there’s a catch. You have to View the Latest Episodes of Shawna’s Show Join the discussion with Shawna Vercher and Anita Finlay! Whether it’s bringing light to the topics that people may have missed or tackling the subjects where the media missed the point, Dare We Say offers a fresh perspective on what’s happening and why it matters. say where you got it and share a link to our Site if it’s reasonable. Nothing too flashy; just don’t claim our work as your own or sell it or make a profit from it without our permission since we maintain the rights to all of our intellectual property.

Also, you can say great things about us, share our work and all of that jazz, but if you decide to use any of the content of this Site for any legal reason ­ a trial, evidence, an exhibit or any other similar proceeding ­ then you have to use it in its entirety. No taking us out of context, no leaving out the attachments ­use the whole thing or we consider it misrepresenting the truth and intent of our content.

Now this is the big one so we’ll go ahead and go all full­blown legal jargon on you. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless all of us ­ officers, directors, employees, agents and third parties ­ for any losses, costs, liabilities and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of your use of the inability to use the Site, any user postings made by you, your violation of any of these Terms, or your violation of any rights of a third party, or your violation of any applicable laws, rules or regulations. We reserve the right, at its own cost, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will fully cooperate with us in asserting any available defense. Ipso facto. E pluribus unum.

Other than that there’s just the basics. We’re in the United States so you have to adhere to our local laws. We won’t break the law so don’t do anything unlawful with our Site either.  That’s only polite. And if you need to reach us, here’s our business address:

2803 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 421, Clearwater, FL 33759

Live long and prosper.

Last Updated: January 2017