Jerry Doyle, national talk radio host and political commentator interviewed Shawna Vercher and they spoke generally of the nature of politics, what’s wrong, what’s right and how to best address it.

Listen here to their interview here – several times he mentioned one of the first articles she wrote for his news platform – Epic Times.

A short excerpt is below the radio interview – (17 minutes)

Military Funerals Can Be A Model for Our Government

Feb 18, 2015

Recently I attended the military funeral service for one of my relatives. As I sat there quietly under a gazebo in the beautiful cemetery, listening to “Taps” playing through the trees, I found myself swelling with patriotism. Even with the sadness of the death that brought us all together – family, friends and strangers in uniform – the prevailing emotion was pride. Later I wondered, “Why don’t more areas of our government feel like this?”

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