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Shawna is tops in her profession. I’ve known a large number of people who claim to be experts. Few have the big picture insight that Shawna brings to the table. Shawna has irrepressibly good humor and humility. These traits make her fun to be around.

Mark F

This book takes you into a personal and sometimes frightening story of how a normal everyday life can turn upside down when authorities, and even so-called friends, become predators. Shawna is not a victim; she rises up and becomes an advocate for herself and others and shows us how to turn a world that is upside down right side up again, and in the process, find one’s personal power. Her courage and savvy is needed in the political world. I highly recommend this book.

Therese T

Shawna has creativity and vision in spades. She demonstrates serious internet marketing knowledge and social media savvy. I’m impressed by her ability to teach others how to make use of the tools the Web has to offer, and I admire her willingness to help others be successful. Shawna is an awesome business partner.

Roselle C

Shawna Vercher is a poised, articulate businesswoman…

Tampa Tribune

Shawna is tops in her profession. I’ve known a large number of people who claim to be experts. Few have the big-picture insight that Shawna brings to the table. In addition, Shawna can speak about complicated technical issues in language that non-geeks can understand. That is extremely valuable when a project has to do real work in the real world. Shawna has irrepressible good humor and humility. These traits make her fun to be around.

Mark F

Shawna Vercher is a visionary and has the ability to see new exciting marketing avenues to promote herself and business. It is invigorating to brainstorm with Shawna on new projects. Shawna tackles the challenges of being a visionary and continues to work with a great team.

Joanne W

I have walked in the same shoes as Shawna and she gave me faith. If you have ever felt the sting of being oppressed this book will give you a pathway to hope.

Ashley H

This was a great read and difficult to stop once I started…I loved the roller coaster ride.  It reminds one of the old adage that truth is stranger than fiction.

Monica M

Each of us has seasons of our lives that knock us down. Shawna Vercher has shown us how to take what is within us and not just get back up, but get back up with a clearer eye on our purpose and destiny. I recommend this book to anyone who wonders if their life has a meaning. It sure does, and the world is simply waiting for you to walk into your destiny. Thank you, Shawna, for sharing your courageous journey with us all.

April J

Shawna is an amazing visionary and always sees the bigger picture. Her ideas and creativity are a must to any project you might be considering. Talk with Shawna and let her brainstorm your needs. You will be inspired. Her passion and compassion are equally impressive! Personally and professionally her ethics and integrity will always shine through.

Nancy G

Shawna is dynamic and fun to work with. I have had the pleasure of speaking on stage with her and she makes it look effortless while WOW-ing the audience. She understands both technology and marketing. Putting them together cohesively for the customer is the magic that she provides. Besides helping her customers on the path to success, Shawna gives that same kind of effort to charities and the community.

Peter R

Shawna is one of the brightest minds in digital media. I know her well through our business connections and have heard her speak many times. She is always articulate, well versed and offers great, tangible advice. She is a great industry and community leader.

Valeri M

Vercher is well versed in the issues and understands the political process…

Tampa Tribune

Shawna is an amazing brainstorming partner. She has the ability to think of unusual approaches and find creative ways to solve challenges. Thanks to Shawna, my company has become more visible and has found new friends and emissaries. If you are looking for a person to champion your business or cause, talking with Shawna should be your first step!

Nancy B

I have worked in crisis response and victim advocacy for the better part of my career doing direct crisis response and education for victim advocates. In addition, I hold a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and advanced certifications in victim support. This book is a message of hope for advocates and victims and is a must-read for anyone compelled to see the triumph of one victim! In addition, this book offers clear and direct steps to change our justice system to be more victim-sensitive. I think this book needs to be in the hands of every therapist, social worker, crisis intervention specialist, and advocate dedicated to making the world a better place! It was so refreshing to actually see a victim prevail and find her own FEARLESS VOICE!

Trey M

She’s at ease in front of cameras and energetic enough to shake every hand in the room.

Tampa Tribune

Shawna is an amazing person with a never-ending fountain of ideas and energy. She continues to amaze me with her desire to create a better company and to serve her clients. Not only does she blow away clients with her innovation, she also strives to deliver an exceptional product, which is appreciated by her clients, employees and business partners. I highly recommend Shawna and feel she is truly a superstar.

Heather S

Shawna is an entrepreneur with thousands of innovative ideas.

Bhaskra T

Shawna and her team have great people skills and run an excellent company. I would highly recommend them.

Charles B

Shawna is just a fantastic person, wicked smart, well versed in politics, and so very passionate about her community. It was such a pleasure to get to know her. She has become a leader in a group of tremendous leaders. I recommend her highly and expect her to continue to shine.

Roland S

Shawna prepares meticulously before going on air. She has her finger on the pulse of the local and national scene and always provokes a lively discussion. During the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, we were the only news team in our syndicate broadcasting live and she carried it off like a true professional.

Timothy D