If you have ever felt the sting of being oppressed,
this book will give you a pathway to hope.”

Read the story that had the nation talking…

A Fearless Voice: How a National Scandal Made Me an Advocate for Building A Better America

NEW! Democracy Legacy Edition


By the time Shawna learned about the violent and deceptive past of one of her clients it was too late. She and her small business were swept up in a scandal that captured national media headlines and caught the attention of the United States Attorney and the FBI. Fighting to protect her family and save her company, Shawna soon found that her biggest obstacle would be a broken justice system ripe with dysfunction and corruption. Follow Shawna’s exhilarating journey as she transforms from victim to champion. You will grieve the heartbreaking betrayals, laugh aloud at her wry humor and applaud her moments of triumph.

The Democracy Legacy edition brings information that could never be revealed before now, as well as captivating insight into how her saga was intertwined in the 2016 Presidential Election. These additional chapters chronicle jaw-dropping events that occurred in the four years since Fearless Voice made its sensational debut. A story that originally seemed too dark to be real is now being heralded by victims advocates as a must-read insight into the tragedies impacting countless other.

Find out why this gripping saga is enthralling readers across the country. Shawna’s story will absolutely inspire you to raise your own fearless voice.

Shawna Vercher has shown us how to take what is within us and not just get back up, but get back up with a clearer eye on our purpose and destiny. I recommend this book to anyone who wonders if their life has a meaning.

April J.

This book is a message of hope for advocates and victims and is a must-read for anyone compelled to see the triumph of one victim! 

Trey M

Social Worker

This book takes you into a personal and sometimes frightening story of how a normal everyday life can turn upside down when authorities, and even so-called friends, become predators.

Theresa T.