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Shawna Vercher is a leading political media strategist, author, television host, activist, lecturer, community organizer, analyst and media proprietor. She regularly speaks out on humanitarian issues as a fearless advocate for speaking truth to power. Her book A Fearless Voice: How a National Scandal Made Me an Advocate for Building a Better America has been renowned as an honest and heartbreaking look at our unjust institutions and how we can work together as Americans to improve them.

Ms. Vercher is a founder and producer at Reine Media and a Senior Partner at Second Line Consulting, one of the leading technology media companies in the country. Shawna has worked for notable figures and brands such as Fortune 100 companies, award-winning celebrities and campaigns for President, Governor, and Congress. She has successfully leveraged digital and print media across multiple platforms to pass federal and state legislation in areas including juvenile justice, women’s health, racial equality, religious anti-defamation, LGBTQ+ rights, and education.

Shawna’s passion is motivating people to mobilize for positive change and, together with a national team of experts, she has built multiple successful enterprises dedicated to exactly that.

Latest News & Articles
Shawna Vercher Discusses White House Controversy

Shawna Vercher Discusses White House Controversy

Shawna Vercher, President of political action media network Democracy Legacy, appeared as a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, Trending Today USA, on the USA Radio Network hosted by Rusty Humphries, to offer solutions on how to...

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Shawna Vercher To Attend AAPF’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Shawna Vercher To Attend AAPF’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Shawna Vercher, Democracy Legacy President, attended Say Her Name: 20 years of Intersectionality in Action presented by the African American Policy Forum in New York City on June 10, 2017. The Gala event was held Saturday night at the Lerner Hall from 6:00...

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The Cruelest Trend in Media

The Cruelest Trend in Media

There is an over-used expression: You can’t imagine how bad it was. We use that saying to describe terrible acting in a movie, an awkward social situation and even as a dramatic way to answer a friend asking how our day was. “Awful! You can’t imagine how...

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